A Shirt’s Life

By: Sarah W.

Ok, you know that one shirt? The one you wear at least once a week because it looks great and is so comfortable? You might not even have noticed that the collar is beginning to fray or that the armpits are yellowed. Listen man, unlike that t-shirt you wear only on Saturdays (not judging here – I once wore the same pair of joggers 27 straight Saturdays), dress shirts have an expiration date.

Maybe not an ACTUAL expiration date, but, according to the Dry Cleaning & Laundry Institute, something along the lines of 35 to 50-ish washes. 50!!! As in, you wear that shirt once a week and in a year- ONE MEASILY YEAR-your shirt has seen better days. You know those little pinholes that somehow appear and make you think you have a moth infestation? Or how that once bright pink is now a sort of sad salmon color? Yep: that shirt has expired. Nothing can bring back that shirt- it’s time to let it go.

So now that you have some new, bright, pinhole-less shirts-how can you keep them looking sharp?

  • First, perspiration and even deodorants can cause staining in the underarms. Allow deodorant to dry thoroughly before dressing and wash shirts soon after wearing to minimize this sort of damage.
  • Secondly, body oils, colognes and hair products can build up on the collar fold. Prompt cleaning will also minimize “ring around the collar”.
  • Third, because of abrasion and stress to the fabric during wear, rotate all of the shirts in your closet to get the longest life from each dress shirt.

And, of course, we recommend professional- by the experts at Faye’s Laundry & Drycleaning- laundering to keep that gorgeous shirt bright and stain free for all of it’s useful life. Our ecco-friendly, biodegradable formulas are designed especially with shirts in mind.