High efficiency washers

High efficiency home washers continue to gain popularity and why not? They offer long term cost savings in both water and energy usage and long term environmental benefits. What’s not to like?  Well, we are hearing complaints about fabrics not getting clean, long cycles and musty odors. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your HE washing machine.

First, high efficiency washers use only use only 20% to 60% of the water that a standard washer uses and second, HE washers “swish” or tumble the fabric through this small pool of water to remove dirt and stains. This more gentle agitation is easier on fabrics but takes more time to dissolve and remove soil. Another thing to know is that HE washers spin much more of the water out of the fabrics, shortening drying times.

Load properly to get the most out of you HE washer. Because of the lengthened cycle times manufacturers have increased load capacities to speed up laundry day. Check your owners’ manual for the recommended load size. Very small and very large loads will not clean well in these machines. Also, sort wash into darker and lighter loads because the smaller amount of water cannot dilute excess dyes well.

Use an HE detergent. The detergents’ task in the washer is to remove the soils and hold them in suspension until the water is drained out of the machine. Most of us are accustomed to seeing frothy suds in our washer but in a HE washer this froth cushions the fabrics and prevents the very important movement through that smaller puddle of water. HE detergents are formulated to be low-sudsing and quick rinsing.

Use the dispensers built into your machine. Although HE detergents may appear to be more expensive, much less is needed to provide good cleaning action. Do use the dispensers and your machine will add soap, bleach and softeners at the correct cycle point. Do not pour soap or bleach directly onto your clothing. And don’t mix powdered and liquid products in the same dispenser as they may “cake” and not make into the wash load.

Prewash sprays and gels may cause over-sudsing so use them sparingly. A paste of your HE detergent can make a good substitute.

Clean your machine regularly to prevent musty odors by using the built in cleaning cycle or running a hot water wash in an empty machine with added chlorine bleach . Also, you can leave the lid open between wash loads to dry out the interior and prevent mold growth.

Hope this helps make laundry day a little easier,

Your friends at Faye’s