Stinky Workout Clothes

It’s the New Year! Did you resolve to join the gym to get fit and lose weight? And did you buy some really cute workout clothes to keep you inspired? Well, those fun athleisure garments are most often made from high performance fabrics with the ability to push water (sweat) away from your body and keep you cool. These very properties make it difficult to remove the sweat and bacteria that cause some very funky smells.

High performance fabrics’ inability to absorb water makes it difficult for the water and detergent in your washing machine to thoroughly penetrate and remove the offending, odor causing bacteria. There are specialty “sports laundry” detergents available (check Amazon) that do a good job removing odor but you can get excellent results by following these tips:

Let workout wear air out instead of stuffing them in your gym bag or the bottom of your hamper. Odor causing bacteria continues to grow in a dark, damp area.

Wash them as soon as possible after strong workout. We know that you don’t want to wash just one tank top and pair of leggings but even a quick rinse will help.

Add one cup of baking soda in the wash cycle for an inexpensive deodorizer.

Don’t over crowd your washer! This is a great tip for any wash load since clothing that can’t move freely through the water doesn’t get thoroughly cleaned.

Use only the recommended amount of detergent. Excess detergent builds up in fabrics and traps bacteria inside of the fibers.

Avoid fabric softener. It also leaves a coating on the fibers and isn’t good for spandex.

If a funky smell has already developed, a presoak with1/2 cup white distilled vinegar in cool water followed by a normal wash cycle will remove the funk without leaving you smelling like a salad.

Just a step or two, a little follow through, and before you know it you’re a new you!!!!!