Summer Storage of woolen Garments


It’s time to put your sweaters and wool garments in the back of the closet for several months and pull out those light and bright summer clothes! However, before you store your winter wardrobe there are a few points to remember.

First, make sure everything is clean. Many spills dry clear and are invisible during a casual inspection but over time they oxidize and turn yellow or tan. It will be discouraging to pull out a favorite white sweater next fall only to find a large yellow stain on a sleeve. It is sometimes impossible to remove these older stains without damaging your garment.

Body oils are another reason to make sure everything is clean before storage. Perspiration and even anti-perspiration products can yellow or even weaken certain fabrics resulting in ruined garments.

Clothes moths and other insects are attracted to wool (and wool blends), mohair, fur, feathers and other natural fibers. You may not notice the tiny moth fluttering through your closet or the small cream colored eggs on the surface of the fabric but when those eggs hatch the larva will leave trails and holes on your favorite clothes. Other insects are attracted to food spills and cause damage to the base fibers while feeding on the food.

Moth balls or cedar closets will help deter moths but may leave a lingering odor. The safest way to store winter clothing is in an air tight container. Plastic totes that can slide under you bed might make an ideal storage spot.