Can Club Soda Really Remove Stains?

Does club soda really help remove accidental spills when you are at a social function? The short answer is “yes” according to the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute (DLI), our 107 year old professional trade association. The DLI recently completed an in-depth study of the merits of club soda versus plain old water in stain removal and as members we are pleased to share their findings.

When applied immediately to 10 common food stains, both water and club soda removed anywhere between some and most of the stain. For best results, act fast. Chances are greatly improved if club soda is used before the stain dries. Blot or tamp (rubbing can cause damage to some delicate fabrics) with a soft white cloth until most of the stain is invisible and you are ready to enjoy the party!

There are some stains that water or club soda can make worse, ball point ink or fingernail polish for example.  Contact with water or club soda can actually permanently set those types of stains.  Such stains are best left to your professional dry cleaner.

Even though the stain is not visible, there is most likely a residue left in the fibers. For more complete removal, point out the spill to your drycleaner so they can pay extra attention to the stained area.

Two things to remember:

1: Act quickly