Convenient and Better Than Free!


Sign up online or ask any representative at one of our stores about signing up for an account with us.


Once signed up, you will receive a route delivery kit from us or your counter representative.


Place your laundry bag on the front door step on your previously scheduled pick up and delivery day.


We will deliver your freshly cleaned garments back to you on the next scheduled delivery and pick up day.


You get to enjoy having one less worry about picking up your dry cleaning and laundry.


Route Overview

Thank you for your interest in our Free home pick-up and delivery service! You can enjoy all of the services that we provide without ever having to leave your home! Customers on our Route service also enjoy a 10% off VIP status on every order that gets completed. There is no minimum or maximum number of items on orders and billing is easy and convenient.

After you have signed up for route, your route driver will assign you a pickup and delivery day. On your first pickup day have your order ready in any kind of laundry bag and we will delivery your order back to you with one of our bags assigned to your account.

  1. Information we will need to sign you up for route:
    • Credit Card on File
    • Home (Delivery / Pickup) Address
    • Email Address
    • Cell Phone Number
  2. We provide you with two personalized valet bags and a door hook. If the hook does not fit your door, or if you have special delivery instructions, please let us know so we can accommodate.

Delivery Days and Times

We pass by your home twice a week (Monday/Thursday and Tuesday/Friday). Your route driver will let you know which days you are scheduled for. You will get a text message the night before your delivery day asking if you have anything for pickup. Simply reply "Y" if you have anything and "N" if you do not.

Please have your bags out and visible from the road by 8am to ensure a pickup. If you forgot to leave your bag out, just let us know and we will grab it your next delivery day.

Large Items and Special Instructions

For items that are larger, such as comforters, please make sure that they are in a bag and labeled with your name. For special instruction items, just leave a note in the bag with the instructions for the specified item.

Will Call Status

If you do not use the service for a month, don’t worry, we will give you a call to accommodate your needs. Customers who move to a "Will-Call" status simply call us the day before their delivery days and our drivers will be out to pick-up your order.

* Pauses in service can take place in the event of weather conditions, road construction, or declined payments. We will notify you and resume service on your next delivery day or when circumstances allow.

* Driver Numbers: (801) 389-7529 | (385) 368-5004 | (801) 698-9560